Prikesh Choudhury

Profession : Singer, Actor

Languages Known :
English Hindi Bengali
City :
Age :
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Genre :
Influencers :
Kit :
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SINGING: Versatile vocalist. Can sing Bollywood, Sufi, Indi pop, rock, hard rock. I am also a linguist and hence can sing songs from many languages like Bengali, Assamese, Nepali, Punjabi. Also learning Kannada and Telugu. Personally I like Sufi, Bollywood and pop the most. Just waiting for an opportunity and ready to rock the stage. Not a 10 on 10 but have hardly received any negative comments and have never disappointed anyone. ACTING: From Drama to melo-drama to intense to comedy, you call it, I do it.
SINGING: Lots of singing experience in college days. However, never tried to approach someone professionally. So trying my chance here for the first time. ACTING: Done theater in college and have acted in short movies. Also a dancer and can Rap a li'l.
Singing is not just a hobby. Its a way more than that. I may also consider making it my career option if given right chance. I have however, not known so much the limits of my acting skills.

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